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While there are many anecdotal reports and several studies suggesting bio-identical hormones used in troches may be safer than synthetic alternatives we can not give a 100% guarantee. Unfortunately there have been no long-term studies performed on the use of bio identical hormones. For medico-legal purposes we have to assume that risk factors for Bio-identical hormones are similar to those associated with conventional HRT. Bio-identical hormones can still stimulate end organs in the female body such as the breast and uterus. There are still therefore theoretical risk factors related to development of breast cancer. It is  important to continue with regular checks such as breast examination, mammograms, Pap smears. It is also important to report any abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting to your doctor.

If you are suffering from symptoms related to hormone deficiency we believe bio-identical hormones may be a safer alternative to synthetic hormones especially when combined with blood testing to check hormone levels. The main goal is to individualise the dose given to each woman and to give just enough hormone to control menopausal symptoms.

At this stage current medical opinion suggests continuing on oestrogen for 2 years only. After this period of time we will gradually decrease the dose of oestrogen with a view to ceasing if possible. Long term treatment with Progesterone and Testosterone is most likely safe.